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List of Positive Words That Start With Y [2024]

List of Positive Words That Start With Y

Here is the list of Twenty Nine (29) positive words that start with Y.

Yahoo Yahweh Yare
Yay Yeah Yearn
Yeehaw Yell Yeoman
Yes Yes we can Yip
Yippee Ymca Yo
Yock Yodel Yokozuna
Yom Kippur Young Young at heart
Yield Yours Youth
Youthful Youthfully Yummiest
Yummy Yummy-mummy Yuppie


Yare lively; eager; keen; agile; dexterous; ready; prepared.
Yern brisk; active; quick; eager.
Young fresh; vigorous; youthful; in the early part of life, growth, development, stage or state.

Young-at-Heart having a youthful or fresh spirit not depended of one’s age; act in a way like younger person does.
Youthful characterized by youth; seemingly young; fresh; vigorous as in youth; early in time.
Yummy delicious; extremely tasty and pleasing to the sense of taste; very attractive or pleasing.

Positive Words that Start with X, Y, or Z

List of Positive Words that Start with X, Y, or Z


  • Xenial
  • Youthful
  • Yummy
  • Zany
  • Zealous
  • Zen
  • Zestful


  • Xerox
  • Yield
  • Zip


  • X-ray
  • Yarn
  • Zest
  • Zone

Positive Adjectives that Start with X, Y, or Z

Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns, which are people, places, and things. Choosing positive adjectives makes your sentence feel positive!

Xenial – Hospitality between hosts and guests. Not commonly used, dating back to ancient Greece.

  • Most often be used to the place of pensile droplight is to be used to normally the have dinner interval that xenial guest and family dine together.

Youthful – Someone who looks, acts, or otherwise presents the image of being young and full of energy or innocence, regardless of how old they actually are. Can also be used to describe specific features with this same quality, such as “youthful skin.”

  • I have a youthful spirit.

Yummy – Description of something that tastes good. Also an expression of excitement about upcoming food that probably tastes good.

  • I think I’ll have some more of that yummy chocolate cake.

Zany – Unconventional in an amusing or silly way.

  • He made us all laugh with his zany tricks.

Zealous – Having a lot of energy or enthusiasm for a particular task or situation.

  • He is ticketed as a zealous reformer.

Zen – Being calm and cool or relaxed. Also used to describe a near-meditative state.

  • There’s nothing you can do to change the situation so you just have to be a bit more zen about it.

Positive Verbs that Start with X, Y, or Z

Verbs are action words, or the words explaining what’s happening in a sentence. Positive verbs are a way to make sure your sentence is doing something positive!

Xerox – To copy. Xerox was originally a brand name for a copy machine, but like Jello and Band-Aid, the brand name shifted into a generic word.

  • Could you xerox this letter, please?

Yield – To produce. Also, to give way.

  • It’s very easy to yield to temptation and spend too much money.

Zip – To move quickly, typically with energy or enthusiasm.

  • The fabric got caught in the zip and tore.

Positive Nouns that Start with X, Y, or Z

Nouns are words for people, places, and things. A positive noun means that your sentence is talking about something positive!

X-ray – A machine that allows medical professionals to see inside the body to make sure everything is okay or to aid in healing.

  • The X-ray showed that the boy’s leg was broken.

Zest – A lot of enthusiasm, energy, or excitement, often for life itself. Also, grated pieces of citrus peel used to give food a bright pop of flavor.

  • We entered into the sport with zest.

Yarn – A story, usually an exciting and surprising one told out loud, generally enjoyable but not always entirely accurate. Also, fibers in strands like thick string.

  • I stopped to have a yarn with him.

Zone – Literally, a section or range. Used figuratively, especially in the phrase “in the zone,” it can mean the section you’re aiming for.

  • We had accidentally strayed into the war zone.



Positive Words That Start With Y:

Young-gun Yupie Yours
Young Youngster Youth
Yaraana Yahoo Yard
Yahweh Yay Younker
Youngling Yeah Younker
Youthfully Yum Yugen
Yarmulke Youthful Yarn
Yup Yea Yeah
Yuppie Yummy Yummiest
Yearn Yearning Yearning Yeehaw
Yellowback Yearn Yeoman
Yift Yippee Yearningly
Yom Kippur Yield Ymca
Yippee Yolo Yock Yonks
You Bet Yern Yesability
Yodel Yoga Yokozuna

Positive Adjectives That Start With Y:

Young Young Youthful
Yummiest Younger Yummy
Youthful Youngest Yellow

Positive Verbs That Start With Y:

Yearn Yodel Yeve
Yield Yacht Yield

Positive Nouns That Start With Y:

Yang Yard Youth
Yard Yock Yeoman


Positive Words That Start with Y to Describe a Person

Very few words with Y, describe a person but here is a collection of words starting with Y to describe a person positively.

1. Yee-haw

  • Definition: an expression of enthusiasm or exuberance, typically associated with cowboys
  • Synonyms: hooray, hurrah
  • Example: He had a strong urge to shoot it off yelling a stereotypical yee-haw, then repressed it.

2. Yahoo

  • Definition: used to express exuberant delight or triumph
  • Synonyms: yippee
  • Example: Yahoo! I just won first place.

3. Yahweh

  • Definition: a form of the Hebrew name of God used in the Bible. The name came to be regarded by Jewish people (c. 300 BC) as too sacred to be spoken
  • Synonyms: god
  • Example:  Kane, in creating the world, did not, like Yahweh, make light: he made himself into light.

4. Yay

  • Definition: expressing triumph
  • Synonyms: joy, encouragement
  • Example: Yay! Great, Julie!

5. Yell

  • Definition: to shout something or make a loud noise, usually when you are angry, in pain, or excited
  • Synonyms: cry, call out
  • Example: The team will yell at the top of their lungs after winning.

Positive Words That Start with Y to Encourage Yourself

Encouragement can make a person do wonders so here are some good words that start with Y to keep up your morale.

1. Yare

  • Definition: (of a ship) moving lightly and easily
  • Synonyms: easily manageable, lightly
  • Example: The boat became taut and yare.

2. Yearning

  • Definition: a feeling of intense longing for something
  • Synonyms: longing, pinning, craving
  • Example: He felt a yearning for the mountains.

3. Yeah

  • Definition: non-standard spelling of yes
  • Synonyms: yes, okay
  • Example: Yeah, I can imagine.

4. Yern

  • Definition: willing to do something
  • Synonyms: eager, covetous
  • Example:  Do pregnant women really yearn for sour pickles?

5. Yummy-mummy

  • Definition: slang used to describe young attractive mothers
  • Synonyms: young, attractive
  • Example: I’ll have to tell my daughter she has a yummy-mummy.

Positive Words That Start with Y to Compliment Others

Here is a list of some nice words that start with Y, that will make others feel beautiful and loved.

1. Yeoman

  • Definition: a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate
  • Synonyms: freeholder, farmer
  • Sentence: He was the son of a yeoman, who rented a farm.

2. Yip

  • Definition: give a short, sharp cry for excitement
  • Synonyms: cry, yelp
  • Example: At night coyotes emerge to yip and yowl, raising their vocal flag proclaiming wilderness still holds territory deep within the city.

3. Yippee

  • Definition: expressing wild excitement or delight
  • Synonyms: excitement, happiness
  • Example: Yippee! Shouted Katie.

4. Yo

  • Definition: used to greet someone, attract their attention, or express excitement
  • Synonyms: hello, hi
  • Example: Yo, Ben, how are you?

5. Yodel

  • Definition: practice a form of singing
  • Synonyms: song, melody
  • Example: He heard a yodel from below.

Positive Words That Start with Y to Help Through Difficulties

Only appreciation and motivation can pull someone out from a difficult time so here are some encouraging words that start with Y.

1. Yearn

  • Definition: be filled with compassion or warm feeling
  • Synonyms: crave, desire
  • Example: Do pregnant women really yearn for sour pickles?

2. Yield

  • Definition: to produce or provide (a natural, agricultural or industrial product)
  • Synonyms: product, manufacture
  • Example: This soil should yield good crops.

3. Yummylicious

  • Definition: slang used for delicious food
  • Synonyms: yummy, yum
  • Example: How can you not eat this yummylicious chocolate cake?

4. Yokozuna

  • Definition: it is the highest rank in sumo
  • Synonyms: rope, tie
  • Example: He has proven himself to be a remarkable Yokozuna.

5. Young

  • Definition: having lived or existed for only a short time
  • Synonyms: junior, youthful
  • Example: She is only a young girl.

Positive Words That Start with Y to Uplift Our Mind

These motivational words that start with Y work as constant boosters for our mind.

1. Young-at-heart

  • Definition: thinking and acting like young people
  • Synonyms: girlish, boyish
  • Example: Terry is nearly seventy but he’s still young-at-heart.

2. Young-blood

  • Definition: a younger member of group
  • Synonyms: junior, young
  • Example: Farming lacks young-blood.

3. Young-looking

  • Definition: having a youthful appearance
  • Synonyms: fresh, childish
  • Example: A very young-looking cast.

4. Younker

  • Definition: a youngster
  • Synonyms: child, fresh
  • Example: I was then a younker, and went out with the Delawares, because I know’d they were a scandalized and wronged race.

5. Youthfully

  • Definition: characterized by youth
  • Synonyms: Young, fresh
  • Example: He endures the tedium of having to address his youthfully candid reaction to the Old Course with polite resignation.

List of Positive Words That Start with Y to Keep Us Stay Positive

All these positive words that start with Y have a strong impact on our lives so we should use them often.

1. Youth

  • Definition: the period between childhood and adult age
  • Synonyms: teens, early years
  • Example: He was a keen sportsman in his youth.

2. Yum

  • Definition: Used to express pleasure at eating
  • Synonyms: delicious, pleasurable
  • Example: A child might say yum yum to mean “food” or they could say nib to mean “cat”.

3. Yours

  • Definition: used in formulas ending a letter
  • Synonyms: mine, particular
  • Example: Yours sincerely, John Watson.

4. Yuppie

  • Definition: a fashionable young middle-class person with a well-paid job
  • Synonyms: classy, modern
  • Example: My friend is a yuppie, he lives in a huge house in Beverly Hill and earn $ 85,000 a year.

5. Yup

  • Definition: slang for yes
  • Synonyms: yes, yeah
  • Example: Yup, I’ll go to the supermarket today.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with Y

Here are some positive words that start with Y which you can use in your daily routine.

1. Youthfulness

  • Definition: the fact of being young
  • Synonyms: youngster, childhood
  • Example: The eternal youthfulness of Sir Richard was infectious.

2. Yummy

  • Definition: (of food) delicious
  • Synonyms: delicious, spectacular
  • Example: I love yummy cream cakes.

3. Yock

  • Definition: a loud laugh
  • Synonyms: laughter, laughing
  • Example: Some people help you have a good yock.

4. Yep

  • Definition: informal yes
  • Synonyms: yes, yeah
  • Example: Yep, you can start it now.

Positive Words that Start with Y for Attractive Resumes

You can use these positive words that start with Y to make your resumes more appealing.

1. Young-gun

  • Definition: a young person who is successful or who is expected to be successful
  • Synonyms: successful, youngster
  • Example: He is the young-gun of this law firm.

2. Youthful

  • Definition: young or seeming young
  • Synonyms: spry, active
  • Example: I love your youthful enthusiasm.

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