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List of Positive Words That Start With X [2024]

List of Positive Words That Start With X

Here is the list of Eighteen (18) positive words that start with X.




Xenial friendly; hospitable.
Xenodochial friendly to strangers or guests.


Positive Words That Start with X to Describe a Person

You might have never described someone with a word that starts with x, so here are all the words starting with X to describe a person positively.

1. Xenodochial

  • Definition: friendly to strangers
  • Synonyms: friendly, intellectual
  • Example: With the new US ambassador set for a carriage ride to meet the Queen, he recalls that, in a xenodochial gesture from the palace, three carriages were sent for a past ambassador and staff.

2. Xanthic

  • Definition: colored with some tint of yellow
  • Synonyms: yellow, honey-colored
  • Example: Augustus praised everything from her roseate lips to her xanthic hair.

3. Xenolalia

  • Definition: the ability to speak in a language which the individual has not learned
  • Synonyms: languages
  • Example: Later in 1906, she would travel to Johnsonville, Liberia, and reportedly experienced the ability the gift of xenolalia and spoke the Kru language, preaching to the Kru people and spreading the Pentecostal message in Africa.

4. Xenomania

  • Definition: an inordinate attachment to foreign things
  • Synonyms: attachment, affiliation
  • Example: Because of her xenomania, the globetrotter traveled around the world.

Positive Words That Start with X to Encourage Yourself

Encouragement is what we all need throughout our life so here are some good words that start with X to help us out.

1. Xanadu

  • Definition: an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty
  • Synonyms: dreamland, heaven
  • Example: Three architects and a planner teamed bringing Xanadu to reality.

2. Xaern

  • Definition: to enjoy something so much
  • Synonyms: enjoy, fun
  • Example: I xaern buying hair products for myself.

3. Xenium

  • Definition: a present given among ancient Greeks and Romans to a guest stranger
  • Synonyms: gift, present
  • Example: I order that the xenium be carried to the hall of St. Andrew, and there, be distributed to the strangers and poor, in honour of the festival.

4. Xenismos

  • Definition: a ritual offering a meal in Ancient Greece
  • Synonyms: ritual, offering
  • Example: Xenismos is one of the best traditions we saw when we visited Greece.

Positive Words That Start with X to Compliment Others

Complimenting someone with words that start with X will surely make their day. Here are some nice words that start with X, you can use.

1. Xenial

  • Definition: relations between host and guests
  • Synonyms: hospitality, generosity
  • Example: He came across very xenial at the party last night.

2. Xenas

  • Definition: a confident woman
  • Synonyms: tough, confident
  • Example: She had to gain xenas to live in this world after her husband passed away.

3. Xenagogue

  • Definition: a tour guide
  • Synonyms: guide, translator
  • Example: The local xenagogue was kind enough to take us to assist us at trackless place.

4. Xenodochy

  • Definition: the reception of or extending of hospitality to strangers or foreigners
  • Synonyms: hospitality, generosity
  • Example: A leader has to practice xenodochy.

Positive Words That Start with X to Help Through Difficulties

In times of distress, nothing can help you more than calming words, so here is a list of encouraging words that start with X to relieve your mind.

1. Xany

  • Definition: strong woman
  • Synonyms: confident, energetic
  • Example: This world will teach you to be xany.

2. Xenoglossy

  • Definition: a paranormal phenomenon in which a person is able to speak or write in a language not acquired by natural means
  • Synonyms: xenoglossia, xenolalia
  • Example: Sarah Thomason has also criticized alleged cases of xenoglossy from a professional point of view as a linguist.

3. Xenophile

  • Definition: one attracted to foreign things
  • Synonyms: accept, account
  • Example: The vegetation consists of xenophile forests mixed with palm savannas.

4. Xoxo

  • Definition: an abbreviation in North America for sincerity and faith
  • Synonyms: hugs and kisses
  • Example: He ended the love note with xoxo.

Positive Words That Start with X to Uplift Our Mind

Some words have a good impact on our mood and our mind so here is a list of all motivational words that start with X.

1. Xenophilia

  • Definition: an attraction for foreign people
  • Synonyms: attraction, appreciation
  • Example: I do have a bit of xenophilia with respect to food.

2. Xesturgy

  • Definition: polishing, as with stones
  • Synonyms: polishing
  • Example: Ancient people have been using xesturgy for a long time.

3. Xhosa

  • Definition: the Bantu language of the Xhosa, related to Zulu and spoken by over 7 million people
  • Synonyms: group, language
  • Example: Young people recited verses in xhosa.

4. Xiexie

  • Definition: thankyou in Chinese
  • Synonyms: thank you, thanks
  • Example: Sasser then replied to her kindness with xiexie.

List of Positive Words That Start with X to Keep Us Stay Positive

Using these positive words that start with X with lighten up your life towards betterment.

1. XO

  • Definition: an abbreviation used for hugs and kisses
  • Synonyms: hugs, kisses
  • Example: An email to a close friend must include XO at the end.

2. Xoanon

  • Definition: a primitive wooden image of a deity
  • Synonyms: image, structure
  • Example: Xoanon has been worshipped for quite a long time.

3. X-ray

  • Definition: a photographic or digital image of the internal composition of something, especially a part of the body, produced by X-rays being passed through it and being absorbed to different degrees by different materials
  • Synonyms: radiogram, radiography
  • Example: The fracture was clearly visible in the X-ray.

4. Xylographic

  • Definition: an art of making engravings on wood
  • Synonyms: art, wood-engraving
  • Example: During the second year of art studies, I learnt xylographic technique.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with X

Are you unable to use words with X in your daily routine? If yes, then here are some positive words that start with X.

1. Xoompin

  • Definition: to drive over bumps
  • Synonyms: drive
  • Example: The driver drove the car xoompin.

2. Xylotomous

  • Definition: capable of boring or cutting wood
  • Synonyms: cutting, boring
  • Example: This Xylotomous insect can bore the tree.

3. Xyresic

  • Definition: razor-sharp
  • Synonyms: extra-sharp, keen
  • Example: We may not be able to boast of our xyresic wit but our swords are sharp and dissected men have more to worry about than snarky remark.

4. Xystus

  • Definition: a garden walk
  • Synonyms: terrace
  • Example: It feels pleasant to roam around the Xystus.

Positive Words That Start with X for Attractive Resumes

Make your resumes worth reading with these unique positive words that start with X.

1. X-factor

  • Definition: a noteworthy special talent
  • Synonyms: talent, quality
  • Example: The young vote may turn out to be the X-factor.

2. Xerox

  • Definition: a xerographic copying process
  • Synonyms: duplicate, replicate
  • Example: Printing methods include acrylic printing and color xerox.

3. Xper

  • Definition: extreme programmer
  • Synonyms: computer expert
  • Example: I have worked as an xper in a renowned IT company.

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