Positive Words

List of Positive Words That Start With M [2024]

List Of Positive Words That Start With M

Here is the list of more than Two Hundred (200) positive words that start with M

Ma’am Majesty Made
Madam Mad Made man
Maestro Magi Magic
Magical Magna Cum Laude Magnanimous
Magnanimously Magnate Magnet
Magnetic Magnificence Magnificent
Magnificently Magnifico Magnify
Magnitude Magnum Opus Maid
Maid of honor Maiden Main man
Maintain Majestic Macushla
Major Make Make a difference
Makeover Makeup Manage
Manageable Manifest Mannerly
Manners Maneuverable Many
Marriage Marry Marvel
Marveled Marvelous Marvelously
Marvelousness Marvels Mascot
Massage Master Masterful
Masterfully Mastermind Masterpiece
Masterstroke Masterwork Mastery
Maestoso Matchless Matchmaker
Mate Mateship Matey
Matrimony Matron of honor Matter
Mature Maturely Maturity
Maven Maximize Maximum
May May queen Mazel tov
Meaning Meaningful Medal
Medallion Medallist Mediate
Meditate Meditation Meed
Meek Meet Mega
Megastar Meliorate Mellifluous
Mellow Melodic Melodious
Melody Melt Memento
Memorable Mensch Mention
Mentor Merciful Mercifully
Mercy Merit Meritocracy
Meritorious Merrily Merriment
Merriness Merry Merrymaking
Mesmerize Mesmerized Mesmerizing
Mesmerizingly Messiah Messianic
Method Meticulous Meticulously
Metier Mettle Midas Touch
Might Mightily Mighty
Milch Cow Mild-mannered Mind-blowing
Mindful Mindfulness Mint
Mirabile dictu Miracle Miraculous
Miraculously Miraculousness Mirth
Miss Right Mixer Modern
Modest Modesty Modish
Modiste Mogul Moisturize
Mojo Momentous Mondaine
Mondo Moneymaker Moneyspinner
Monumental Monumentally Moony
Moral Moral sense Moral support
Moral victory Morale Moralist
Morality Moralize More
Moreish Mosey Most
Mother Motherly Motif
Motivate Motivated Motivation
Motivational Mouth-watering Move
Moved Movement Moving
Moxie Mozilla Much
Muliebrity Multi-purpose Mumsy
Munificent Muscular Muscle
Muscle car Muse Musical
Must Mutuality Mystery tour



Made created, produced, invented artificially; pieced together; successful.
Magical enchanting; supernatural; beautiful, delightful, good or powerful (especially as being seemingly supernatural).
Magnanimous generous, tolerant, understanding and noble in spirit; unselfish.
Magnetic having an ability or power to attract; attractive.
Magnificent grand, splendid or elegant in appearance; outstanding or exceptional for its kind.
Maiden earliest or first; fresh; pure; virgin.
Main most important; principal; absolute; great in degree or size; vast; extremely strong.
Majestic exhibiting or possessing majesty, dignity or nobility; noble; grand.
Major great in number, scope, size, extent or effect; greater than others.
Malleable capable of being formed, shaped or influenced.
Manageable capable of being managed, controlled or used; possible to do.
Managerial of or pertaining to a manager or management.
Manifest clearly apparent to the senses, mind or judgment; obvious.
Manly indicating or having good characteristics traditionally attributed with men, such as courage, spirit or strength; masculine.
Mannerly polite; respectful; civil.
Many numerous; amounting to or consisting of a large number.
Marked having an identifying or visible mark; clearly evident.
Marvelous miraculous; exciting surprise or wonder; astonishing; extraordinarily great or good.
Masculine characteristic or suggestive of a man; mannish.
Master predominant or principal; highly proficient or skilled.
Masterful very skillful or powerful; expert; in the manner of master; fit to command or lead.
Masterly showing or having the skill or knowledge of a master; domineering.
Matchless without equal; unsurpassed.
Maternal of or pertaining to a mother; motherly.
Matter-of-fact adhering to facts only; literal.
Mature having reached full development or growth; perfected.
Maturing approaching maturity.
Maximal being the highest or greatest possible; largest; most complete.


Meaningful having a meaning, function or purpose; significant.
Mediate being in a middle position or between extremes; connected indirectly through another person or something.
Meditative of or pertaining to meditation; deeply thoughtful.
Meek showing humility and patience; gentle; humble.
Mellow soft, juicy and sweet; soft and rich in quality; calm; relaxed; having a pleasing and full flavor through proper aging.
Melodious tuneful; having a pleasant sound or melody.
Memorable worth being noted or remembered; remarkable; very important; easy to remember.
Merciful exercising or having mercy; gracious; compassionate.
Meritable deserving praise or reward.
Meritorious deserving praise or reward; worthy of honor or recompense.
Merry jolly; joyous; happy; offering fun, laughter and gaiety.
Mesmerizing holding and attracting interest and amazement as if by spell.
Metaphysical highly theoretical or abstract; supernatural; immaterial.
Meteoric like a meteor in brilliance, speed or brevity.
Methodical characterized by systematic and ordered behavior or habits.
Meticulous extremely precise and careful.
Mettlesome courageous; fiery; full of spirit.

Mighty very strong and powerful; excellent; wonderful; great in size, extent or degree.
Mindful attentive; observant; heedful; regardful.
Minikin small; diminutive; miniature.
Ministerial acting or serving as a minister or agent; tending to promote or advance.
Mint like new or near in perfect condition.
Miraculous so wonderful and astounding as to suggest a miracle; wonderful; phenomenal; supernatural.
Mirthful full of merriment, gladness and gaiety; jovial.
Mitigative alleviating; tending or serving to mitigate.
Mitigatory alleviating, lessening or reducing the effect of something.


Model worthy of imitation or copying.
Modern pertaining to the current style and time; avant-garde; ahead of the times of current era.
Modernistic recently developed style or fashion.
Modest unpretentious and humble; sufficient or limited in size or scope.
Momentous very important; critical; weighty.
Moneyed wealthy; having a great supply of money or possession of value.
Moral virtuous; exhibiting or teaching correctness or goodness of behavior and character.
More greater in amount, number, size, extent or degree; additional; extra.
Most greatest in amount, number, degree and the like.
Mother characteristic of a mother.
Motivated enthusiastic striving toward goal or action.
Motivating encouraging to action or causing motion.
Motivational intended or tending to motivate.
Motor producing or causing motion.
Moving producing or causing motion; capable of arousing deep emotion.

Much great in amount, degree or extent.
Mucho a great deal of; many; much.
Multidimensional having or marked by several aspects or dimensions.
Multidisciplined involving several disciplines or fields of expertise.
Multifaceted having multiple aspects or facets.
Munificent generous; very liberal in bestowing or giving.
Muscular having physical strength, power or well-developed muscles; brawny; powerful.
Musical melodious; pleasing to the ear.
Must highly recommended or needed.
Mutual shared or common to by two or more persons or things.



List of Positive Words that Start with M


  • Magnanimous
  • Magnificent
  • Majestic
  • Major
  • Many
  • Marketable
  • Marvelous
  • Maternal
  • Mature
  • Meaningful
  • Meditative
  • Mellow
  • Merry
  • Methodical
  • Miraculous
  • Motivational
  • Moving
  • Myriad


  • Maintain
  • Make
  • Manage
  • Manifest
  • Manufacture
  • Marinate
  • Master
  • Matter
  • Mobilize
  • Motivate


  • Manners
  • Mark
  • Mediator
  • Meditation
  • Mercy
  • Merit
  • Miracle
  • Morale
  • Multitude
  • Must

Positive Adjectives that Start with M

Adjectives are most commonly known as describing words. Specifically, they describe nouns, which are people, places, and things. Using positive adjectives in your communication is a great way to sound positive!


  • Meaning: Someone who is generous or forgiving, especially to a rival or potential enemy.
  • Example: He is a leader who is magnanimous in victory.


  • Meaning: Extremely beautiful, gorgeous, fancy, or extravagant. Often breathtaking.
  • ExampleShe looked magnificent in her wedding dress.


  • Meaning: Being impressively beautiful or dignified.
  • ExampleThe great ship looked majestic in her new colors.


  • Meaning: Big, important, serious, or significant.
  • ExampleThe local war escalated into a major conflict.


  • Meaning: Multiple, several, or far more than one.
  • ExampleMany great men have arisen from humble beginnings.


  • Meaning: Wonderous and extraordinary.
  • ExampleShe whispers in my ear and hints at marvelous discoveries.


  • Meaning: Calm, well-behaved, or acting like a responsible adult.
  • ExampleJane is very mature for her age.


  • Meaning: Calm, unhurried, and unworried.
  • ExampleThe orchestra had a distinctively warm and mellow sound.


  • Meaning: Going through things with precision and attention to detail.
  • ExampleShe is very slow but methodical in her work.


  • Meaning: Very many
  • ExampleGamers freely download them from myriad sites.

Positive Verbs that Start with M

Verbs are action words. They tell what is being done in a sentence. Using a positive verb is a great way to make your sentence do something positive!


  • Meaning: To keep in good order, whether mechanics or a relationship.
  • ExampleShe has managed to maintain her youthful appearance.


  • Meaning: To create.
  • ExampleYou can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.


  • Meaning: To keep people or animals in order. Also, to succeed in a thing despite some difficulty.
  • ExampleHow do you manage to stay so slim?


  • Meaning: To bring something into being using positive energy or actions.
  • ExampleYou manifest what you believe, not what you want.


  • Meaning: To make or build, often on a large scale, often using machinery.
  • ExamplePlants use the sun’s light to manufacture their food.


  • Meaning: Literally, to let something season for a time. Figuratively, to think something over for a while. Each tends to lead to a more positive outcome.
  • ExampleNice perfume. Must you marinate in it?


  • Meaning: To become an expert at something.
  • ExampleBetter master one than engage with ten.


  • Meaning: To be important.
  • ExampleThings didn’t seem to matter anymore.


  • Meaning: To put into motion, often a group of people.
  • Example: They failed to mobilize their resources effectively.


  • Meaning: To encourage and give reasons for success.
  • ExampleYou have first got to motivate the children and then to teach them.

Positive Nouns that Start with M

Nouns are people, places, and things. Making your nouns positive is a surefire way to make your statement about something positive.


  • Meaning: Politeness. Also, following social guidelines as to what is excepted, especially in formal settings.
  • ExampleHe needs to be taught some manners.


  • Meaning: An impression or change, as in “to leave your mark.” Usually positive.
  • ExampleA thousand balloons were released to mark the event.


  • Meaning: Someone who keeps discourse civil, who keeps an argument on track so both parties can try for a mutually positive outcome.
  • ExampleThey are ready to meet the official mediator.


  • Meaning: A practice of sitting quietly with your thoughts and feelings, just existing and not judging or acting.
  • ExampleMeditation tends to lower or normalize blood pressure.


  • Meaning: Kindness. Usually kindness to someone who is facing something difficult, often at the hands of the one showing mercy.
  • ExampleWho shows mercy to an enemy denies it to himself. 


  • Meaning: A good trait or quality.
  • ExampleThe argument seemed to have considerable merit.


  • Meaning: Something positive happens when nobody expects it, generally against all the odds.
  • ExampleThe victory was nothing less than a miracle.


  • Meaning: Collective happiness, positivity, and contentment.
  • ExampleThis win has been a great morale booster.


  • Meaning: Many
  • ExampleThere is a multitude of reasons against it.


  • Meaning: A necessary thing. Often used to describe enjoyable food or attractions.
  • ExampleThis really is a must for any rugby fan.


Positive Words That Start With M:

Are you searching for some special positive words starting with M? Good message to you. Cause this list we will share huge words of positive. So, it’s will give you many positive words to increase your English vocabulary.

Merriment Magnifico Madefy
Maximum Medal Mentor
Maidenly Maturity Many
Meaningful Maven Magadis
Melody Mahala Mass
Magnetic Meditate Maiden
Magnitude Magnify Melodic
Magnetism Main Mahalo
Memorable Mutually Metier
Moisturize Move Moment
Matchless Merger Musical
Meteorically Mingle Masterful
Meditative Movingly Moving
Maneuverable Majesty Magical
Melodious Merry Mover
Mirthful Mercy Memory
Munificent Mettle Model
Mindful Miracle Merriness
Mercifully Moved Muscular
Monumental Mirthfully Motherly
Monumentally Mint Mind
Motherhood Moppet Meteoric
Marriageable Miraculous Maxi
Mouthwatering More Mantra
Mesmerizing Much Merciful
Muliebrity Modern Mazuma
Measured Mate Marvel
Masterfully Mogul Mucho
Marvelous Moral Mutuality
Major Must Massage
Married Meed Moony
Massive Mental Mastery
Musically Maximal Moreish
Mr Right Marry Marked

Positive Adjectives That Begin With M:

Magnificent Masculine Meek
Melodious Moral Maternal
Multidisciplined Masterly Momentous
Ministerial Motivational Mother
Mesmerizing Magnetic Majestic
Mogul Moving Merry
Maximal Mature Muscular
Mindful Modernistic Meet
Mannerly Miraculous Maiden
Multi-purpose Mitigative Manifest
Magnanimous Mettlesome Meaningful
Malleable Merrily Modest

Positive Nouns Beginning With M:

Major Motor Mercy
Miracle Might Motivation
Mom Morale Mediator
Mutuality Marvels Multitude
Milch Cow Masterwork Method
Masterstroke Mentor Modesty
Mark Majesty Make
Mascot Must Modiste
Main Man Motif Matriarch

Positive Verbs That Start With M:

Make Manage Marinate
Master Motivate Manage
Matter Meditate Mingle


Positive words That Start with M to Describe a Person

Describing a person can be quite hard as sometimes it’s hard to find the right word. Keeping these words starting with M to describe a person positively in mind can be your savior in such situations.

1. Modest

  • Definition: a person who is humble, shy, and not extreme in behavior
  • Synonyms: unpretentious, quiet, shy
  • Example: Though she is a megastar, people admire her for being modest in every sphere of her life.

2. Mindful

  • Definition: a person who is conscious about his/her thoughts and emotions in a good and controlled way
  • Synonyms: careful, attentive
  • Examples: They are mindful in handling this project with the special children and never take any decision hesitatingly.

3. Munificent

  • Definition: a person who is very liberal in giving or bestowing
  • Synonyms: big-hearted, charitable, ungrudging
  • Example: The woman is known for her munificent attitude towards all the orphans in the city.

4. Magnetic

  • Definition: possessing the power to attract or impress people easily
  • Synonyms: captivating, engaging, tempting
  • Example: Everyone was stunned like before by her magnetic appearance on the dance stage.

5. Magnificent

  • Definition: someone who is extremely beautiful, impressive, or generous in their deeds
  • Synonyms: awe-inspiring, breathtaking, splendid
  • Example: The principal was sure about her magnificent nature and outlook even before she joined the class as a mentor.

6. Mirthful

  • Definition: someone who is full of humor and laughter and tends to create a light funky situation everywhere.
  • Synonyms: high-spirited, cheerful, fun-filled
  • Example: This TV show has the capability to turn depressed people into a mirthful one.

7. Meritorious

  • Definition: someone who is full of talent and skill, deserves rewards or appreciation
  • Synonyms: praiseworthy, exemplary, deserving
  • Example: The theatre company honored him for the chronological meritorious acts last year.

8. Moralist

  • Definition: one who emphasizes moral views and activities, preaches ideal and religious manners or ideas
  • Synonyms: disciplinarian, utilitarian, equalitarian
  • Example: The situation has worsened so much that even a moralist hesitates to expect theology to be the instrument of social revival.

9. Multidisciplinary

  • Definition: combining or involving more than one discipline or field of study
  • Synonyms: versatile, collaborative, integrative
  • Example: Ans Irfan is a multidisciplinary global public health scholar, educator, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in global health equity practice.

10. Megastar

  • Definition: a figure heavily popular and appreciated in his/her field, such as in the entertainment industry, sports, or literature, one who has great public exposure.
  • Synonyms: celebrity, superstar, notable icon
  • Example: James is now a megastar but, to me, he will always be my lovable childhood buddy.

Positive Words That Start with M to Encourage Yourself

Encouraging yourself is the key to living a happy life, isn’t it? Be sure to read these good words that start with M in order to make you feel cheerful.

1. Mesmerize

  • Definition: to hold someone’s attention completely by powerful act/ speech or performance
  • Synonyms: bewitching, enchanting, spellbound
  • Example: We all are confident that Mehrin will undoubtedly mesmerize the total spectacle with her engaging speech and act.

2. Miraculous

  • Definition: something that is heartwarming, full of positivity, and chances
  • Synonyms: phenomenal, astounding, incredible
  • Example: This incident was miraculous enough to make us believe in supreme power.

3. Merrimaking

  • Definition: fun and full of festivity
  • Synonyms: enjoyment, festivity, rejoicing
  • Example: The psychiatrist accentuated arranging merrimaking activities for children above five years old during the pandemic.

4. Motivating

  • Definition: something that can encourage us, build confidence in us
  • Synonyms: encouragement, stimulating, inspirational
  • Example: These are surely the motivating factors to prepare yourself again like a warrior in order to be a part of NASA.

5. Magical

  • Definition: something that is extraordinary and beautiful, out of the world feelings
  • Synonyms: other-worldly, spectral, outstanding
  • Example: The master chefs acclaimed that your hands are magical enough to make you a distinct participant.

6. Marked

  • Definition: to be distinguishable and popular
  • Synonyms: noticeable, distinguishable, distinct
  • Example: Your marked improvement as a runner and an athlete is because of the hard persuasion by your previous mentor.

7. Master

  • Definition: acquire full knowledge or skill in something
  • Synonyms: chief, ruler, expert
  • Example: These yoga sessions will stimulate you to master the art of focusing and resting your soul even within chaos.

8. Mediator

  • Definition: one who acts as a positive stimulator amongst people in argument or dispute
  • Synonyms: negotiator, conciliator, intermediary
  • Example: You have been working as the effective mediator for a long between the two opponent masterminds in the field of science.

9. Maternal

  • Definition: motherly feelings that give happiness and serenity
  • Synonyms: protective, affectionate, motherly feelings
  • Example: The whole neighborhood is awe-stricken to see her intense maternal feelings both towards her small daughter and her youngest brother.

10. Melodious

  • Definition: pleasant-sounding, lovable to ears and heart
  • Synonyms: sweet-sounding, lyrical, musical
  • Example: Even her talks sound so melodious; no wonder she is known as the cuckoo bird of Bollywood.

Positive Words That Start with M to Compliment Others

Don’t you sometimes run out of words to compliment others? These nice words that start with M will be able to help you out in those situations. Trust me, complimenting someone can literally make their entire day.

1. Mastermind

  • Definition: plan and direct (an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise)
  • Synonyms: control, plan, direct
  • Example: Mr. Jeu was the mastermind behind the huge environmental project that brought success.

2. Mighty

  • Definition: having much ability, strength, power
  • Synonyms: robust, potent, energetic
  • Example: Akbar was both a generous and mighty king of the Mughal empire and ruled pragmatically.

3. Motherly

  • Definition: someone who is affectionate in a tender way, much caring, and adorable towards others/someone.
  • Synonyms: watchful, protective, emotions of a mother
  • Example: She held both her arms wide in a gesture of motherly love.

4. Modern

  • Definition: one who is liberal or thought-provoking can break the shackles of conventional nature if needed
  • Synonyms: present-day, contemporary, recent
  • Example: They were moderns; they must not look back on the old generation.

5. Meditative

  • Definition: getting involved in deep thoughts or practices spiritual purification, or one who focuses on things by removing all distractions.
  • Synonyms: contemplative, prayerful, focused attention
  • Example: She closed her eyes and went into a meditative trance.

6. Meek

  • Definition: someone very quiet and gentle
  • Synonyms: patient, gentle, peaceful
  • Examples: Lira always calculates maths quickly in the class, but she is meek enough not to raise her hand and try answering.

7. Mensch

  • Definition: a person with integrity and honor
  • Synonyms:  gentleman, good person, prince
  • Example: The prince is a real mensch with a pure sense of decency and integrity.

8. Mature

  • Definition: full-grown in terms of attitude and thoughts
  • Synonyms: adult, grown-up, full-fledged
  • Example: They are mature enough to handle their love and relationship on their own.

9. Matchless

  • Definition: exceedingly good or impressive, distinguishable from others in a good way
  • Synonyms: beyond comparison, unsurpassable, supremely talented
  • Example: Her glory as a warrior, matchless courage, and wit can conquer any invader in every possible way.

10. Mannerly

  • Definition: articulate and polite while behaving or expressing something
  • Synonyms: courteous, decorous, civilized
  • Example: He is always genteel and mannerly in private.

Positive Words That Start with M to Help Through Difficulties

Words have always had the power to motivate someone and help them go through rough times. Reading these encouraging words that start with M will help to bring a smile to your face or those around you who need it.

1. Mitigate

  • Definition: to turn something less harsh or less hostile
  • Synonyms: alleviate, lesson, relieve
  • Example: The United Nations promised to mitigate the helpless situation of the refugees.

2. Modular

  • Definition: constructed with standardized units or dimensions allowing flexibility and variety in use
  • Synonyms: adaptable, flexible, expandable
  • Example: Mr. Santa arranged knitted modular programs on farming and irrigation to help out the local farmers.

3. Mystical

  • Definition: conscious about religious mystery, getting inspired by intuitive contemplation
  • Synonyms: spiritual, transcendental, divinely
  • Examples: The vagabond group showcased some mystical union with God by which they encourage the eternal sufferers to retain peace and serenity in their minds.

4. Manual

  • Definition: done or operated with the hands
  • Synonyms: physical work, hand-operated, non-automatic
  • Example: I recently realized the great benefits of manual work inside and outside the home that can cut out a good portion of depression.

5. Maintain

  • Definition: to sustain against oddities or to keep up with fruitful hard work at any cost
  • Synonyms: conserve, carry on, keep going
  • Example: Let us maintain our eco-friendly venture while building houses and furniture to give Mother nature some respect.

6. Makeover

  • Definition: a set of changes that are intended to make a person or place more attractive
  • Synonyms: reassembling, refashioning, remodeling
  • Example: In order to withdraw from sadness related to James leaving you, the best idea can be giving a new makeover to the bedroom and the hall.

7. Manageable

  • Definition: something that can be accomplished, a condition that can be brought under control
  • Synonyms: achievable, feasible, attainable
  • Example: The chieftain divided the village people into three manageable groups with a skilled team leader from the organization.

8. Mantra

  • Definition: chanting religious song or prayer, word or phrase that works as a motto of life and accelerates determination
  • Synonyms: hymn, slogan, motto
  • Example: The mantra of my living is now leaving all desirable fun and happenings and focus on the research submission.

9. Muse

  • Definition: to think about something carefully for a long time
  • Synonyms: contemplate, ponder, examine thoughtfully
  • Example: She mused over the matter a hundred times and decided to donate one of her kidneys to her ailing best friend.

Positive Words That Start with M to Uplift Our Mind

These motivational words that start with M might help you uplift your mind to get through a rough day. Or share these with your friends who need a boost in their boring and dull life.

1. Momentous

  • Definition: a time of great consequence or with a major accomplishment
  • Synonyms: historic, serious, life-changing
  • Example: This reward and appreciation will be a momentous incident of my entire life.

2. Mindful

  • Definition: focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic process
  • Synonyms: heedful of, aware of, watchful of
  • Example: When this pandemic is taking a toll on mental health, she decided to be mindful through spiritual activities.

3. Maneuverable

  • Definition: a movement or combination of movements involving skill and accuracy
  • Synonyms: fast-moving, very responsive, versatile movement
  • Example: This ship is highly maneuverable than the older ones, and we will reach the goal point through the vessel.

4. Mouth-watering

  • Definition: something that looks or sounds delicious, especially food items
  • Synonyms: flavorsome, luscious, delicious
  • Example: I love the way you are uploading mouth-watering dishes on your youtube channel.

5. Metaphysical

  • Definition: relating to a transcendental reality beyond thought or materialistic features
  • Synonyms: intangible, superphysical, abstract
  • Example: It is very new to many of us, listening to his experimental, metaphysical theories and thoughts.

6. Maestro

  • Definition: someone who is a great performer, teacher of classic music and opera
  • Synonyms: master of music, composer, teacher
  • Example: Carlos Kleiber is known to be one of the best maestro legends in the classical field.

7. Mettlesome

  • Definition: full of vigor and good spirit
  • Synonyms: courageous, indomitable, fearless
  • Example: The mettlesome young couple finally demolished the barrier of religious differences and unified through marriage.

8. Myriad

  • Definition: great in number, multitude in emotions and ideas
  • Synonyms: numerous, countless, mass
  • Example: With the great myriad of ideas, he will eventually win the heart of the judges.

9. Marvelous

  • Definition: something that is extraordinary and causes wonder
  • Synonyms: glorious, sublime, sensational
  • Example: Amongst the web of corruption and mismanagement throughout the country, the medical field has shown marvelous progress leaving the critics flabbergasted.

10. Magnanimous

  • Definition: the virtue of being great of mind and heart, taking actions for noble purposes without showing off, large entity
  • Synonyms: great-hearted, bountiful, benevolent
  • Example: The magnanimous presence of the Universe and the Galaxy indicates the supreme power of God.

List of Positive Words That Start with M to Keep Us Stay Positive

One of the hardest things right now is to stay positive. Reading these positive words that start with M will help you to stay positive if you are feeling down. Or share these with your friends who might need a boost of positivity.

1. Meliorism

  • Definition: believing that the world can be a better place if given effort by humans
  • Synonyms: regeneration, amendment, betterment
  • Example: They heard a lecture on meliorism that created the urge to put small efforts into making humans beside them more positive and tolerant.


  • Definition: showing compassion or being forgiving
  • Synonyms: forgiveness, forbearance, leniency
  • Example: The best gift he gave us is mercy for that selfish act years back.

3. Mindsight

  • Definition: focused attention, to see inside the mind and reflect on actions, thoughts carefully
  • Synonyms: hindsight, inner eye, deep thoughts
  • Example: Studying on mindsight can be a new and interesting genre of psychology.

4. Mellow

  • Definition: sweet-sounding and amiable, free from harshness
  • Synonyms: easy-going, amiable, smooth
  • Example: He was in a mellow mood.

5. Maximum

  • Definition:  to the greatest degree, highest extent, or intensity
  • Synonyms: largest, topmost, greatest
  • Example: The workers have put their maximum effort into building the ship.

6. Mediate

  • Definition:  trying to end disputes by intervening amongst disagreeable people
  • Synonyms: conciliate, referee, negotiate
  • Example:  Negotiators were called in to mediate between the two sides.

7. Majestic

  • Definition: when something or someone is beautiful, dignified, and impressive
  • Synonyms: elevated, grand, imperial
  • Example: The Mughal architecture that we witnessed is majestic and distinctive in feature.

8. Mellifluous

  • Definition: sweet-sounding, smoothly flowing tunes
  • Synonyms: sweet-toned, harmonious, tuneful
  • Example: The hymning of the saints and the chirping of birds got more beautiful with the mellifluous flute.

9. Mingle

  • Definition: engaging with others publicly, hanging out together, looking for a potential partner
  • Synonyms: blend, merge, socialize
  • Example: In this foreign land, you should try mingling with the new community to release boredom and monotony.

10. Metabolic

  • Definition: related to digestion or breaking down food into energy bits by bits.
  • Synonyms: motility, metabolous
  • Example: The doctor reported his metabolic levels as excellent, and it is all the result of healthy oats and fruit intake.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with M

There are hundreds of common words that might not be so common in your life. Wouldn’t it be better to learn even a percentage of those words to increase your vocabulary?  So surely read these common positive words that start with M.

1. Maker

  • Definition: someone who creates can indicate the supreme power of God.
  • Synonyms: creator, founder, producer
  • Example: He is the respectable maker of this foundation and the sculptures too.

2. Memorable

  • Definition: something that is worth remembering, can’t be forgotten easily, put a mark in the mind
  • Synonyms: unforgettable, significant, glorious
  • Example: The picnic last year at the family resort was more than memorable with all fun and warmth.

3. Masterpiece

  • Definition: a work, especially an art piece crafted with extraordinary skills and method, great intellectual or artistic achievement
  • Synonyms: wonder, paragon, great work
  • Example: This writing of his is a masterpiece considered by all levels of audience and critics.

4. Maximal

  • Definition: largest or the greatest possible
  • Synonyms: greatest, uttermost, ultimate
  • Example: These kinds of aerobic exercise and breathing instructions can help in maximal oxygen consumption.

5. Moderate

  • Definition: not extreme or intense, rather average in amount, quality, or degree
  • Synonyms: average, modest, tolerable
  • Example: You will love the moderate temperature in this region that lingers on for long six months.

6. Modeling

  • Definition: the practice or occupation of a person who models for clothing or jewelry by wearing those
  • Synonyms: fashioning, designing
  • Example: She is accelerating in the profession of modeling for her own customized designs.

7. Moving

  • Definition: when something or someone is in motion
  • Synonyms: in motion, operational, on the move
  • Example: She is always seen moving here and there with full pack energy.

8. Motor

  • Definition: relating to muscles that produce movement, the nerves, and part of the brain that control these muscles
  • Synonyms: sensory, auto
  • Example: He has good motor functions.

9. Muscular

  • Definition: having well-developed muscles with strength and power
  • Synonyms: muscle-bound, robust, strong
  • Example: The embrace of his muscular body and the familiar scent took her into the fond memories of their togetherness years back.

10. Multicultural

  • Definition: referring to the existence of diverse cultures in a society or educational milieu
  • Synonyms: culturally diverse, multi background, cross-culturalism
  • Example: We are living in an era of total globalization; hence we should prioritize the mingling of multicultural employees working together.

Positive Words That Start With M for Attractive Resumes

In order to get your dream job, you gotta impress your interviewer first with your resume. So, let us make that job a little easier for you. These are some positive words that start with M that will help you to write an attractive resume.

1. Multi-skilled

  • Definition: having a range of skills or abilities
  • Synonyms: multi-talented, all-rounder, diversely skilled
  • Example: If the staff are multi-skilled, a producing line can switch from producing one model of car to another within minutes.

2. Managerial

  • Definition: related to managers or management
  • Synonyms: bureaucratic, supervisory, legislative
  • Example: He is competent enough for any kind of managerial position.

3. Methodical

  • Definition: orderly and systematic in completing tasks or making decisions.
  • Synonyms: well-planned, business-like, structured
  • Example: His methodical way of operating office rules and measures is applauded by the head people.

4. Ministerial

  • Definition: relating to government ministers or other administrative persons
  • Synonyms: parliamentary, legislative, administrative
  • Example: She has reached the ministerial level with a strong and honest diplomatic sense.

5. Meticulous

  • Definition: paying extreme attention to any details, checking minutely and repeatedly
  • Synonyms: perfectionist, detailed, ultra-careful
  • Example: The office renovation was completed with meticulous observation under the operational team management.

6. Motivator

  • Definition: someone who has experience in influencing people through speech or writing
  • Synonyms: promoter, persuader, influencer
  • Example: My parents taught me to be a motivator and help the girls in need to break down the shackles of marginalization.

7. Multipurpose

  • Definition: having various uses or needs
  • Synonyms: multi-function, all-purpose, versatile usage
  • Example: The school authority will renovate the building for multipurpose requirements.

8. Mutually

  • Definition: doing something in cooperation with another person, taking decisions while considering the interests of other people or committee
  • Synonyms: in collaboration, by agreement, collectively
  • Example: Alisa was confident enough to close the big deal with the foreign parties mutually.

9. Meaningful

  • Definition: something that is serious and worth listening to or comprising an underlying message
  • Synonyms: purposeful, suggestive, in earnest
  • Examples: The CEO of the organization decreased the workload during the pandemic condition and increased the festival bonus to turn the job life meaningful to the employees.

10. Marketable

  • Definition: attractive to potential employers or clients, having demand
  • Synonyms: saleable, in demand, commercial
  • Example: They are ready with marketable production with engaging scripts, skilled actors, and professional anime designers.

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