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List of Positive Words That Start With O [2024]

List of Positive Words That Start With O

Here is the list of more than One Hundred Twenty Five (125) positive words that start with O.

Oasis Oath Obcordate
Obedience Obedient Obediently
Obeisance Object lesson Objective
Objet d’art Obligation Oblige
Obliging Observance Observant
Observe Obtainable Occasion
Occupational therapy Odds on Offer
Offering Ok Okay
Okayed Old stager Olive branch
Olympian Omnicompetent Omnipotent
Omnipresent Omniscient On
Onboard On hand On target
On the ball On the beam On the button
On the money One One-liner
Onward Onwards Oodles
Oohlala! Oomph Open
Open mind Open-minded Open-handed
Openhearted Opening Openly
Openness Operable Opportune
Opportunity Optimal Optimism
Optimist Optimistic Optimum
Opulent Oracy Orator
Order Orderly Organic
Organization Organized Orgasmic
Orientation Oriented Original
Originality Ornament Ornamental
Ornate Orotund Oscar
Oscular Osculate Our father
Our lord Outbalance Outbrave
Outclass Outdance Outdistance
Outdo Outdrive Outface
Outfly Outgoing Outlast
Out-of-this-world Outperform Outperformed
Outperforming Outpoint Outrace
Outrank Outsail Outscore
Outshine Outshone Outsmart
Outsprint Outstanding Outstandingly
Outstrip Outthink Outwit
Ovation Overachieve Overbrimming
Overcome Overflowing Overjoyed
Overriding Overt Overtake
Overtaken Overture




Obcordate heart-shaped (especially in botany with the point of attachment at the narrow end of leaf).
Objective having actual reality or existence; uninfluenced by personal prejudices or emotions.
Obliging helpful; showing readiness to do favors to others.
Observant quick to apprehend or perceive; taking notice.
Obtainable capable of being procured or obtained.

Occurrent actually and factually observable or occurring.

Odds-on very likely to succeed, win or happen; having a better chance of winning than even.

Oecumenical of worldwide scope; universal; general.

Official verified (officially); conforming to set procedure, usage or discipline; formal; authoritative.

Oil-bearing containing or having oil.
Oily containing oil; resembling oil in characteristics; smooth or slippery.

OK acceptable; agreeable; pretty good; satisfactory v. to agree to or approve of; authorize.
Okay see OK.

Olympian majestic in bearing or manner; far beyond what is usual in degree or magnitude.
Omnicompetent able to handle any and all matters or situations.
Omnipotent having unlimited or great power and influence; all-powerful; almighty.
Omnipresent constantly or widely encountered; present everywhere or all places at the same time.
Omniscient knowing everything or having unlimited understanding; all-knowing; all-wise.


On being in operation or taking place; happening; planned; intended.
One being a single unit, entity or object; undivided; unique.
On-target accurate; exactly appropriate.
Onward moving toward a more advanced condition or state; moving toward the future; moving forward.


Open not tied or sealed; obvious; unfolded; accessible to all; free from restrictions; generous.
Open-handed generous; munificent; liberal.
Open-hearted kind and generous; candidly straightforward; sincere.
Open-minded ready or receptive to new and different ideas; liberal; broad-minded.
Operable ready, fit or able to be used or for service; practicable.
Operative efficient; effective; functional.
Opportune right or suited for a particular purpose; convenient; seasonable; timely.
Optimal best possible; most favorable or desirable.
Optimistic disposed to take the most favorable or hopeful view of matter; hopeful; sanguine.
Optimum most advantageous or favorable; best; most desirable.
Opulent luxuriant; rich and sumptuous; affluent; wealthy; superior and rich in quality.

Orderly systematic; methodical; neat; clean.
Organic having characteristics associated with living organisms; natural; conducted or raised without use of synthetic chemicals or drugs.
Organized efficient or methodical in function or arrangement; affiliated in an organization or union.
Oriented located or adjusted in relation to circumstances or surroundings.
Original authentic; not copied or derived from something else; first or preceding all others in time; fresh (especially an unusual way); pioneering; inventive; productive of new ideas or things.
Ornamental beautifying; embellishing; aesthetic n. an adornment, embellishment or accessory.
Ornate highly or elaborately decorated; florid, flashy or showy in manner or style v. to adorn or decorate; to honor.
Orotund deep, full and rich in sound; sonorous; bombastic and pompous.
Oscular relating to kissing or muscles used in kissing.

Otherworldly seeming to come from or belong to another world; supernatural; transcendental.

Outgoing responsive and sociable to others; going out.
Out-of-this-world extremely impressive or enjoyable; so good or great that it seems it cannot possibly to be real.
Outstanding superior, prominent or noticeable of others of its kind; exceptionally good.


Over superior; higher; upper; covering; been brought or having come to conclusion; being more than expected or needed.
Overflowing more than full; abundant n. superabundance; surplus.
Overjoyed extremely happy and joyful.
Overriding first in priority; having superior influence or power.
Overt shown or done openly.


Positive Words That Start With O:

Observant Onwards Offer
Obligingly Oeuvre Obliging
Obviousness Oomph Onward
Offering Observe Oodles
Obtainable Oblige Official
Omnipotent Okay Opening
Open Mindedly Obtain Openly
Omnipresent Ongoing Operatic
Opportunity Optimistic Optimist
Openness Option Optimum
Orderly Opulent Ordain
Orientation Original Originality
Oriented Ornamental Outlast
Outbalance Oversize Overjoyed
Outperform Overt Overtake
Our Lord Outpoint Overtaken
Outgoing Outrace Ovation
Outstretch Outwit Overjoy

Positive Adjectives That Start With O:

Omnipotent Okay Organic
Outstanding Ornate Optimistic
Olympian Optimum Operable
Orderly Opulent Oriented
Orotund Obcordate Occurrent
Otherworldly Overflowing Outgoing
Orotund Opportune Overriding

Positive Verbs Start With O:

Oblige Occur Offer
Obtain Open Organize
Operate Orient Outface
Originate Outbrave Outrank
Oscillate Outdrive Outrace

Positive Nouns Start With O:

Olympian Official Optimist
Old Stager Owner Original
Ornament Originality Ointment
Object Lesson Outlook Opening
Organizer Offering Obeisance
Orchestrator Oomph Ode


List of Positive Words that Start with O


  • Obliging
  • Observant
  • Okay
  • Omnipotent
  • Onward
  • Oodles
  • Openly
  • Optimistic
  • Outgoing
  • Outlined
  • Outstanding


  • Observe
  • Obtain
  • Occur
  • Offer
  • Open
  • Opt
  • Organize
  • Originate
  • Outlast
  • Overcome


  • Oasis
  • Occasion
  • Ode
  • Ointment
  • Oomph
  • Opportunity
  • Option
  • Original
  • Outlook
  • Ovation

Positive Adjectives that Start with O

Adjectives are words that describe a person, place, or thing. Positive adjectives are great at giving a sentence a positive slant!


Someone who is generally willing to do anything requested or helpful

He found an obliging doctor who gave him the drugs he needed.


Acceptable, alright, or not bad

That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.


All-powerful, without limits, all-knowing

Money is not omnipotent, but we can’t survive without money.


Continuing forward. Often also an adverb

His life has a sense of purposive onward movement.


Many. Informal but fun word

The recipe calls for oodles of melted chocolate.


To show something without hiding or otherwise obscuring it

He stated his own views quite openly.


The best possible. Can be used to describe a choice or how well something is running

To make the optimal decision, I visually scan as many as possible of the various alternatives.


Someone who is very personable and likes being social

We’re looking for someone with an outgoing personality.


Clearly laid out or defined plans or shapes

The development and principle of the FPS system is outlined.


Wonderful, very good, amazing

Her outstanding performances set a new benchmark for singers throughout the world.

Positive Verbs that Start with O

Verbs are action words. A positive verb really makes a sentence do something positive!


To watch. Often to make sure everything stays good

Astronomers were able to observe a galaxy still in the process of formation.


To get or acquire

The police are trying to obtain a more accurate picture of crime levels.


To happen

An explosion will probably occur at any minute.


To present somebody with an option

Can I offer you something to drink?


To change or move something so that there is an entryway or view

You must use force to open that bottle.


To choose to do something

You can opt to pay a flat rate for unlimited Internet access.


To put things into order for cleanliness or easy access

We’ll organize this business into two separate companies.


To be the start of something

Many of our foods originate from tropical forest species such as rice, cocoa, fruit, maize, and coffee.


To last longer than competition or goals

He can outlast anyone on the dance floor.


To conquer or surpass challenges or limits

We can and must overcome our shortcomings.

Positive Nouns that Start with O

Nouns are people, places, and things. A positive noun gives your sentence something positive to talk about!


An area of water and/or growth surrounded by desert. Also used figuratively for a good place or time when there has been a lot of bad

Playing with him was like being on an oasis in the desert.


A celebration or event

I put on my Sunday best for the occasion.


A lyrical poem that usually says good things about a particular person or thing

It is an ode to friendship along the ancient Silk Road.


Medication that’s applied to the skin to make things heal better

The ointment is available from pharmacies without a prescription.


A little effort and push when you’re doing something

You need to put some oomph into your acting.


A chance for something, usually to do something good or noteworthy or exciting

Today is an opportunity to get better. Don’t waste it.


A choice

Students have the option of studying abroad in their second year.


The first of something or someone. Also used to describe something or someone as one of a kind

The thieves replaced the original painting with a copy.


A view of the future, often positive. Even the less positive outlooks can help you plan, which makes them positive!

The outlook for the weekend is dry and sunny.


Applause in recognition of good work

He received a standing ovation from the entire chamber.



Positive Words That Start with O to Describe a Person

If you are bored of using the same words again and again then take a look at these words starting with O to describe a person positively.

1.  Obedient

  • Definition: comply or willing to comply with orders or requests; submissive to another’s will
  • Synonyms: dutiful, good, compliant
  • Example: As an officer, he was obedient and never disputed my orders.

2. Observant

  • Definition: notice things
  • Synonyms: keen, sharp
  • Example: Her observant eye took in every detail.

3. Omnipotent

  • Definition: (of a deity) having unlimited power; able to do anything
  • Synonyms: supreme, mighty
  • Example: God is described as omnipotent and benevolent.

4. Omniscient

  • Definition: someone who knows everything
  • Synonyms: all-knowing, all-wise
  • Example: The story is told by an omniscient narrator.

5. Obvious

  • Definition: clear, self-evident,
  • Synonyms: clear, plain
  • Example: I love the fact how Mary’s remarks are always so obvious, nothing sarcastic.

6. Open-hearted

  • Definition: express or display one’s warm and kind feelings without concealment
  • Synonyms: open, liberal, true
  • Example: Joan Ramsey, open-hearted, smiling, caring, changed his life.

7. Open-minded

  • Definition: willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced
  • Synonyms: un-bias, accepting
  • Example: He was very open-minded about accepting other people’s work.

8. Optimistic

  • Definition: feel or show hope for the future
  • Synonyms: positive
  • Example: Jorge was optimistic in every situation.

9. Organized

  • Definition: arranged in a systematic way, especially on a large scale
  • Synonyms: in order, tidy
  • Example: I am systematic and organized enough to save things.

10. Outgoing

  • Definition: friendly and socially confident
  • Synonyms: extrovert, affectionate
  • Example: She’s an extremely affable, jovial, outgoing type of person.

Positive Words That Start with O to Encourage Yourself

Everyone needs some kind of motivation in different walks of life so read these good words that start with O to encourage yourself.

1. Overture

  • Definition: an introduction to something more substantial
  • Synonyms: lead-in, introduction
  • Example: The government has made a significant peace overture by opening the door to negotiation.

2. Ovation

  • Definition: a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from an audience, especially by means of applause
  • Synonyms: applause, clapping
  • Example: The performance received a thundering ovation.

3. Optimism

  • Definition: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something
  • Synonyms: hope, confidence
  • Example: The talks had been amicable and there were grounds for optimism.

4. Outperform

  • Definition: perform better than other
  • Synonyms: better, beat, surpass
  • Example: An experienced employee outperforms the novice.

5. Oration

  • Definition: a formal speech, especially one given on a ceremonial occasion
  • Synonyms: speech, address, lecture
  • Example: There is nothing quite like his messianic oration.

6. Opportune

  • Definition: (of a time) well-chosen or particularly favorable or appropriate
  • Synonyms: golden, favorable
  • Example: He couldn’t have arrived at a less opportune moment.

7. Openly

  • Definition: without concealment, deception, or prevarication, especially where these might be expected; frankly or honestly
  • Synonyms: in public, publicly
  • Example: They remained openly skeptical about her promises of improvement.

8. Olympic

  • Definition: relating to the ancient city of Olympia or the Olympic Games
  • Synonyms: athletic contest, game
  • Example: John is a famous Olympic champion.

9. Oeuvre

  • Definition: the works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively
  • Synonyms: art, collected work
  • Example: Like Jack, he contributed to the substantial body of Lindsay autobiography, a significant oeuvre in its own right.

10. Objective

  • Definition: a thing aimed at or sought; a goal
  • Synonyms: goal, target, purpose
  • Example: The system has achieved its objective.

Positive Words That Start with O to Compliment Others

It’s always good to give compliments to each other, here are some nice words that start with O that you can use to make others feel good.

1. Operative

  • Definition: a worker, especially a skilled one in a manufacturing industry
  • Synonyms: mechanic, engineer
  • Example: The operatives cleaned the machines at the end of every shift.

2. Opulent

  • Definition: ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish
  • Synonyms: lavish, deluxe
  • Example: Henry Thrale, one of the most opulent brewers in the kingdom, is a man of dreams.

3. Obliging

  • Definition:  willing to do a service or kindness; helpful
  • Synonyms: helpful, accommodating, willing.
  • Example: He is hospitable, obliging, and specially well-disposed to the foreigner.

4. Open-handed

  • Definition: giving freely; generous
  • Synonyms: generous, charitable
  • Example: She has worked in a very open-handed and friendly way.

5. Optimal

  • Definition: best or most favorable; optimum
  • Synonyms: perfect, best
  • Example: Since Betty loved her children and always worried about their health, she wanted to get the optimal health insurance for them.

6. Original

  • Definition: an eccentric or unusual person
  • Synonyms: eccentric, free-spirit
  • Example: Comparatively, he is always strong, original and above all, practical.

7. Originator

  • Definition: a person who creates or initiates something.
  • Synonyms: inventor, creator
  • Example: Britton was the originator of a new class of literary works.

8. Outstanding

  • Definition: exceptionally good
  • Synonyms: excellent, marvelous
  • Example:  As a president, he was outstanding in many ways.

9. Overjoyed

  • Definition: extremely happy
  • Synonyms: ecstatic, euphoric
  • Example: Joanna will be overjoyed to see you.

10. Omni-competent

  • Definition: able to handle any situation
  • Synonyms: effective, capable
  • Example: John could handle the difficult job as he was omni-competent.

Positive Words That Start with O to Help Through Difficulties

When you are in extreme difficulty, you need words that encourage you to get out of depression. Read these encouraging words that start with O to boost up your morale.

1. Odds-on

  • Definition: rated as most likely to win
  • Synonyms: quite possible, rational
  • Example: Mr. Kerry won the state, where he was the odds-on favorite.

2. Obtainable

  • Definition: something you can get your hands on
  • Synonyms: available, in circulation
  • Example: The sight of something attainable from her bucket list lifted her spirits.

3. On-target

  • Definition: achieve the thing aimed at
  • Synonyms: accurate, precise
  • Example: McGrath was on-target with a header.

4. On

  • Definition: indicating continuation of a movement or action
  • Synonyms: continuously, endlessly
  • Example: She continued on despite the days when the skies were grey.

5. Okay

  • Definition: used to express assent, agreement or acceptance
  • Synonyms: right, good
  • Example: It’s okay Toby, you’re did better than me.

6. Observe

  • Definition: notice or perceive something
  • Synonyms: notice, see
  • Example: These mountains are the perfect destinations to observe nature.

7. Onward

  • Definition: going further rather than coming to an end or halt; moving forward
  • Synonyms: ahead, forward, alee
  • Example: Jenn pushed onward through her difficulties even when the skies were grey.

8. Oceanic

  • Definition: something that is great
  • Synonyms: nautical, vast
  • Example: The Sahara lies behind the oceanic tidal waves.

9. On-stage

  • Definition: on or onto the stage and so visible to the audience
  • Synonyms: onstream, towards
  • Example: The audience seemed particularly attentive whenever she was on-stage.

10. Open-ended

  • Definition: having no determined limit or boundary
  • Synonyms: unrestrained, indefinite
  • Example: The children’s toys are open-ended which will help foster their creativity.

Positive Words That Start with O to Uplift Our Mind

If you are looking for positive words that will always make you feel happy then read these motivational words that start with O.

1. Ocean

  • Definition: a very large expanse or quantity
  • Synonyms: plenty, vast
  • Example: As far as his eyes could see he felt the ocean waving back at him.

2. Open-eyed

  • Definition: clear sighted
  • Synonyms: perceptive, fully aware
  • Example: She watched open-eyed as the plane took off, taking in the beauty beneath her.

3. Operant

  • Definitions: of or relating to the observable or measurable
  • Synonyms: effective
  • Example: It is a type of operant conditioning that employs a positive reinforcement method of training.

4. Online

  • Definition: in or into operation or existence
  • Synonyms: connected, plugged in
  • Example: The town’s new high-tech power plant is expected to go online this month.

5. Orchestral

  • Definition: a large group of musicians playing different instruments
  • Synonyms: band, symphony
  • Example: Although his output was largely orchestral, his religious upbringing played a significant role in influencing his choral compositions.

6. Organic

  • Definition: relating to or derived from living matter
  • Synonyms: living, natural, biotic
  • Example: The organic gardener avoids the use of pesticides in order to keep the intake of food healthy.

7. Orient

  • Definition: adjust or tailor something to specified circumstances or needs
  • Synonyms: aim, direct, angle
  • Example: He had to orient himself as they brought him down, and he knew his way along the ride to the destination.

8. Orotund

  • Definition: full, round or imposing
  • Synonyms: deep, strong, powerful
  • Example: The millionaire’s orotund manner claimed him an important position in the company.

9. Openness

  • Definition: lack of secrecy or concealment
  • Synonyms: frankness
  • Example: A democratic society committed is to openness and transparency.

10. Overwhelmed

  • Definition: feeling intense emotion
  • Synonyms: engulf, submerge
  • Example: I felt overwhelmed with happiness to see the presents I got for my 16th birthday.

List of Positive Words That Start with O to Keep Us Stay Positive

This amazing list of positive words that start with O will always keep you motivated. Stick this list to your refrigerator to read them daily.

1. Offer

  • Definition: present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as desired
  • Synonyms: provide, present
  • Example: Several companies offer new, entry-level models in hopes of attracting more buyers.

2. Obtain

  • Definition: get, acquire or secure something
  • Synonyms: secure, procure
  • Example: Jenna took the opportunity to obtain advanced degrees to make her parents happy.

3. Oneness

  • Definition: the fact or state of being one in number
  • Synonyms: one, singleness
  • Example: He feels a oneness with God.

4. Optimum

  • Definition: most conducive to a favorable outcome
  • Synonyms: best, most amazing
  • Example: For optimum nutrition you may also wish to supplement your diet with a daily multi-vitamin.

5. Organizational

  • Definitions: relating to an organization or the way it is set up
  • Synonyms: supervisory, directorial
  • Example: He was the recipient of two commendations for his organizational excellence.

6. Overt

  • Definition: done or shown openly
  • Synonyms: unconcealed
  • Example: His opponent’s intention is quite overt.

7. Outshine

  • Definition: shine more brighter than
  • Synonyms: surpass, outclass
  • Example: A supernova would outshine all the other stars in its galaxy.

8. Owner

  • Definition: a person who owns something
  • Synonyms: holder, homeowner
  • Example: The owner made sure that the dog was friendly towards the neighbors.

9. Outplay

  • Definition: play better than
  • Synonyms: dominate, excel, outmatch
  • Example: The student outplayed everyone in his class and scored the highest scores and made his parents proud.

10. Over-excited

  • Definition: excessively excited
  • Synonyms: high-strung, excited,
  • Example: Some of the boys became over-excited over the thought of getting dessert for dinner.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with O

You often hear people say unique words with o that you don’t understand. Here is a list of all positive words that start with O to nourish your vocabulary.

1. Observable

  • Definition: able to be noticed or perceived; discernible
  • Synonyms: noticeable, visible
  • Example: The properties available for analysis are constrained by the set of actions that remain globally observable.

2. Opalescent

  • Definition: showing varying colors as an opal does
  • Synonyms: prismatic, rainbow-like
  • Example: Elaine turned her opalescent eyes on him.

3. Organically

  • Definition: from or in connection with living matter
  • Synonyms: essentially, naturally
  • Example: Consumers are prepared to pay a premium for organically grown vegetables.

4. Ornate

  • Definition: made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns
  • Synonyms: embellish, decorate
  • Example: Maria Della Misericordia is an ornate example of early Renaissance work.

5. Outline

  • Definition: give a summary of (something)
  • Synonyms: define, indicate
  • Example: She will outline the case briefly.

6. Occasion

  • Definition: a particular time or instance of an event
  • Synonyms: event, moment
  • Example: On one occasion I stayed up until two in the morning.

7. Ode

  • Definition: structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual
  • Synonyms: poem, lyrics
  • Example: First, he should open with a smarmy ode to Perot.

8. One-man

  • Definition: involving, done, or operated by only one person
  • Synonyms: one person, single person
  • Example: Dusty was a one-man Internal Affairs department.

9. Outdo

  • Definition: be superior to in action or performance
  • Synonyms: surpass, outshine
  • Example: The men tried to outdo each other in their generosity.

10. Outlast

  • Definition: live or last longer than
  • Synonyms: outlive, survive
  • Example: She has the kind of beauty that will outlast youth.

Positive Words That Start with O for Attractive Resumes

A resume is something on which your entire future is dependent, these positive words that start with O will make your resume look good.

1. Occupational

  • Definition: relating to a job or profession
  • Synonyms: professional, work
  • Example: John is suited perfectly for all occupational categories in the health department.

2. Oomph

  • Definition: the quality of being exciting, energetic, or sexually attractive
  • Synonyms: strength, attraction
  • Example: He showed entrepreneurial oomph.

3. Organizer

  • Definition: a person who organizes
  • Synonyms: planner, arranger
  • Example: She was by reputation, a good organizer.

4. Originate

  • Definition: create or initiating (something)
  • Synonyms: create, invent
  • Example: He is responsible for it as he did help originate this particular cliché.

5. Opt

  • Definition: make a choice from a range of possibilities
  • Synonyms: choose, select
  • Example: I assure, if you opt me for this job, you will never be disappointed.

6. Outlook

  • Definition: a person’s point of view or general attitude of life
  • Synonyms: view, perspective
  • Example: Since Sam has a broad outlook of life, he is perfect for this job.

7. Omnifarious

  • Definition: comprising or relating to all sorts or varieties
  • Synonyms: different, distinct
  • Example: Omnifarious develop, win “dream-team” of Chinese real estate.

8. Outright

  • Definition: open and direct; not concealed
  • Synonyms: complete, absolute
  • Example: Kathy responded outright to the question that the boss asked.

9. Operable

  • Definition: able to be used
  • Synonyms: achievable, serviceable
  • Example: Dan can make the most impractical thing, operable by his hard work and efforts.

10. Orthopedic

  • Definition: relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles
  • Synonyms: surgeon, doctor
  • Example: I am the best orthopedic surgeon your clinic needs.

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