239+List Of Adjectives That Start With A- Adjectives Words [2024]

Welcome to the fascinating world of adjectives, where language transforms from ordinary to extraordinary. Adjectives, those expressive words that add color to our language, play a vital role in creating engaging and vivid content.

Adjectives are the painters, adding hues to the canvas of our sentences. They modify and describe nouns, offering a nuanced understanding of the subject.

Adjectives That Start With A:

Effective communication relies on vivid descriptions. Adjectives empower us to convey emotions, set moods, and create memorable images in the minds of our readers. Our focus today is on adjectives that start with the letter “A.”

Attempted Annual Alate
Abridged Analeptic Azure
Allowable Attained Acquirable
Accessible Actuating Asymmetric
Amused Abeyant Amenable
Available Avifaunal Afraid
African Abhorrent Astonishing
Abroach Avid Appropriable
Asunder Accurate Agone
Accused Azotic Affordable
Aphakic Authentic Articulated
Apathetic Alleged Applauding
Abounding Armorial Afflictive
Articulative Amusing Apostolic
Agonised Awesome Acclaimed
Armored Aware Amoeboid
Aged Arced Adjoining
Alated Acuate Apostate
Acceptable Alacritous Anticipated
Amoebic Airborne Appealing
Adamant Amelioratory Adept
Aphanitic Analgesic Angelic
Anticlimactic Adjacent Accepting
Alluring Appropriate Aspiring
Acquiescent Absolute Addictive
Acerbic Appetizing Assistive
Adroit Andante Arresting
Appealing Affirmable Acceptable
Admirable Abrupt Affined
Achievable Andalusian Antiblack
Auricular Antithetic Aggressive
Abject Absent Airsick
Additional Actual Airline
Advanced Arcane Amazed
Antheral Ankylotic Accurate
Aerophilatelic Actual Awesome
Amaurotic Ace African
Active Amazing Anthelmintic
Afraid Autographed Athletic
Ambiguous Abiding Automatic
Accessorial Aerophilic Adventive
Adventitious Allopathic Acarpous
Ardent Available Acarpelous
Abstruse Accessory Allopatric
Adrift Anisotropic Adroit
Antithetical Antibiotic Absurd
Arrogant Alienating Algerian
Awesome Aliform Alluvial
Affordable Away American

Adjectives That Start With A

Positive Adjectives That Start With A:

Adjectives, “acceptable” sets the baseline for approval. It signifies suitability and conformity to standards. An “authentic” adjective brings a sense of genuineness and credibility. In a world filled with replicas, authenticity stands as a commendable trait.

Acceptable Aqueous Authentic
Adaptive Amazing Auspicious
Accepted Accessible Assertive
Advancing Accurate Assured
Advanced Achievable Appetizing
Amazing Ancestral Amazed
Angelic Absorbed Alluring
Ambrosian Absorbing Affable
Actual Admired Advisable
Anticipated Admiring Arabic

Negative Adjectives Beginning With A:

When situations are described as “ablaze,” it paints a picture of chaos and destruction. It’s an adjective carrying a sense of urgency and danger. The term “avoid” doesn’t just suggest steering clear; it implies a conscious decision to stay away, emphasizing the importance of evasion.

Ablaze Avoid Alarmed
Abnormal Afraid Awry
Abysmal Agonizing Askew
Accursed Aspiratory Ambivalent
Afflicted Aloof Abysmal
Ambiguous Arrogant Abrupt
Airless Avaricious Apocalyptic

Spanish Adjectives That Start With A:

“Amable” translates to “friendly” in English. This Spanish adjective infuses a sense of approachability and warmth. A taste of bitterness is encapsulated by the Spanish adjective “amargo.” It paints a palate of contrasting flavors.

Amarillo Amable Aburrido
Amargo Azul Auténtico
Alemán Agrio Abstracto
Argentino Activo Ansioso
Abierto Aburrido Alegre

French Adjectives Starting With A:

“Abordable” means approachable or affordable in French. It’s an adjective that signifies accessibility and affordability. In French, “acidulé” refers to something tangy or slightly acidic.

Abordable Acidulé Agressif
Accueillant Achéen Agrégé
Abrupt Acharné Aciéreux
Attentionné Absidial Aduste
Abruti Absidal Adultérin
Aérobe Agogique Agonal

Adjectives Beginning With A to Describe a Person:

If you looking for Adjectives That Start With A to Describe a Person-names? Check Out Below.

Astute Awake Athletic
Alien Annoying Aware
Alleged Alien Australian
Adoptive Annoyed Amicable
Absent Alert Amiable
Academic Adoring Adroit
Appellant Adamant Abrupt
Applicable Accessible Armed
Adept Active Acclaimed
Atypical Abrasive

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