299+List Of Adjectives That Start With H- Adjectives Words [2024]

Language is a living entity, shaped by history. “H” adjectives carry traces of their historical roots, reflecting the evolution of language over time.

Adjectives starting with “H” bring richness and diversity to our language. Whether painting vivid scenes, describing characters, or infusing humor, these adjectives play a crucial role in effective communication.

Adjectives That Start With H:

We think you are the right person who needs to learn an adjectives list where every single adjective will start with the letter H. And we are also sure that the list below will give you strong support to collect huge adjectives. So keep going to read the whole post and enjoy it.

Hazardous Heliac Half
Heathenish Hebraistic Heavy
Hackneyed Hellbred Hands-on
Hallowed Haematic Heathlike
Hairsplitting Heavenly Heirless
Harmonic Haematal Held
Hegemonic Harmonical Hairy
Heinous Hatted Hebrew
Hebephrenic Healthy Hereditable
Hanging Helpful Healthful
Hedonistic Hardhearted Hemophilic
Hemolytic Heard Hematoid
Hellborn Hatless Herbal
Heppen Hematological Healing
Hardline Hematological Haunting
Heatable Harmful Heated
Hermitic Hazardable Humiliating
Heroic Haughty Human
Heuristic Hearing Home
Hermitical Hooklike Hushed
Hempen Haphazard Hittite
Heppelwhite Handy Hopeful
Hault Hephaestic Hooked
Harmless Hempy Humdrum
Handwritten Hesitant Hygienical
Homologous Humid Hottish
Highbrow Hewn Hypersonic
Husky Huffy Hypnotized
Horizontal Homely Horrendous
Hollow Hex Hypnotic
Hippocratic Hyper Honorable
Hygienic Highborn Hourlong
Homemade Hydrated House
Homeless Hominian Hypnotizable
Hypnotised Historic Holistic
Humongous Hominid Horrified
Horrific Howling Hindu
Hybrid Humble Hircine
Humane Hortative Homological

 Adjectives That Start With H

Positive Adjectives That Start With H:

Positive adjectives that start with “H.” Adjectives like “happy,” “humble,” and “helpful” bring a burst of positivity to any narrative. Consider the impact of describing a scene as “happy” or a person as “humble” – these adjectives shape our perceptions in uplifting ways.

Happy Hollow Hotshot
Huggable Humane Honored
Habitable Helpful Honest
Hardy Highest Homely
Humble Humorous Hygienic
Handsome Heroic Honeyed
Handy Heuristic High
Harmless High-class Head
Happening Healthful Holistic
Halcyon Hearty Holy
Healing Heartening Hysterical

Negative Adjectives That Start With H:

The spectrum of “H” adjectives isn’t confined to positivity. It extends to negative descriptors such as “hideous,” “harsh,” and “hateful.” These adjectives, while carrying a negative connotation, serve a crucial purpose in conveying the severity of certain situations.

Haggard Hasty Hopeless
Harrowing Hardhearted Hogged
Heedless Hammy Hefty
Harsh Horrible Heedless
Hazardous Hardheaded Headstrong
Hideous Halting Hateful
Haggard Hagridden Hazy

French Adjectives Starting With H:

The “H” adjectives vary in different languages. French adjectives like “hilarant” and “haut” offer a glimpse into the cultural nuances of expression, each term carrying a unique flavor.

Hilarant Hésitant Hémitome
Habituel Heurté Herbageux
Haletant Hélicoïdal Herbeux
Hiémal Héliporté Hémizygote
Haut Hélicoïde Hypogé
Hexaèdre Hébété Halitueux
Hideux Hyponitrite Halieutique
Horaire Hyperactif Hâbleur
Hôtelier Hostile Hellène
Honteux Hyoïdien Hagard

Spanish Adjectives Starting With H:

Spanish adjectives starting with “H” further enrich our linguistic palette. “Helado” and “heridísimo” bring forth a distinct vibrancy, showcasing the richness of the Spanish language.

Hartío Hueste Hmong
Haliéutico Hurgón Holandés
Helado Humeral Histórico
Heridísimo Huesudo Hiperactivo
Halófilo Hueco Hipnótico
Harto Huecijero Hipnotizador
Halógeno Horario Hioideo
Hecho Honesto Herético
Helador Horcado Hespañol
Helante Hongkonés Hespéride

Adjectives That Start With H to Describe a Person:

Imagine crafting character descriptions using adjectives like “happy,” “huggable,” or “honest.” These descriptors breathe life into characters, making them relatable and vivid in the reader’s mind.

Happiest Hurtful Hysterical
Haphazard Hurt Hypnotized
Hapless Hulking Hypnotizable
Hefty Huge Howling
Happy Hostile Hospitable
Hateful Homesick Heroic
Helpful Homely Hated
Hideous Historical Homeless

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