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Disney characters children Name That Starts With A To Z

Disney characters children Name That Starts With A To Z. I’m not a fan of Disney’s Descendants because most of the names sound like what a kid would name their dog or Barbie (Mal, Lonnie- what?). So let’s try to be a bit more historically accurate.

The Princesses

  • Marie (daughter of Cinderella)
    • In Disney’s Cinderella, the stepmother’s last name is Tremaine (of Celtic origin) and her stepsister’s name is Anastasia (often used in Eastern Europe), while the mice are named Jaq (French origin) and Gus (British origin). Charles Perault’s version if Cinderella is based in 17th Century France, a time of great cultural evolution and intermingling. Thus, I would assume Cinderella would be of French origin and bestow her daughter with a French name as she is married to the prince of the country at the end of the tale.
  • Meesha (daughter of Jasmine)
    • While the original tale of Aladdin was of Chinese origin, Disney moved the story to be set in the fictional City of Agrabah. This city seems to combine many cultural influences from around Asia and the Middle East, including a castle resembling the Taj Mahal, Agrabah can loosely be formed out of the letters of Bagdad (Iraq), and some of the architecture is based of of an animator’s childhood memories from Iran. So Jasmine is likely from one of the large trading hubs in the Middle East. Comparing cultural outfits and clothing from Aladdin, it seems like Jasmine came from somewhere in Turmekestan or Persia/Iran. Jasmine’s name is also of Persian origin, so I would assume her child would also have a Persian name. Thus, Meesha in Persian refers to the Marigold flower, much like Jasmine refers to the Jasmin flower.
  • Edward (son of Aurora)
    • Aurora is a name of Roman origin, however the fairytale itself is based in German folklore, while Sleeping Beaty herself in the Disney film speaks with a light British accent, while the fairies have accents from the UK. It’s a toss up, but I think that Aurora is more of a German girl taken care of by UK fairies, so I think she’d like to pay respects to those who raised her with a solid English name. Edwards ruled throughout the Middle Ages in England, so it would be logical that a princess would have an heir named Edward.
  • Keoki (daughter of Moana)
    • Moana is obviously a Polynesian tale. Tefiti is a Samoan name and the name Moana itself is a Hawaiian name meaning “Ocean”. So I’ll take a guess that Moana was Hawaiian and traveled to another island nation. I’d like to imagine that Moana’s son would be very hard working, like his mum, but slightly rebellious, and rather than be tempted by the sea, love the land. Keoki is a Hawaiian name meaning “landworker”, which is what I’d like to imagine him as- a happy young man who can speak with the land like Moana can do with the ocean.
  • Ernestine(daughter of Belle)
    • One of the most obvious Diney movies about location, Beauty and the Beast is set in the countryside of 18th Century France. I imagined this to ocurr towards the end of the 18th century, during the reign of Marie Antoinette, when women were beginning to learn to read, but were not taken seriously as it was perceived as simply a means to elevate their appearance in salons. One of Marie Antoinette’s daughters was named Sophie, and female playmates of her children were named Zoe and Ernestine.
  • Axelle (daughter of Snow White)
    • Widely regarded a a German fairytale, with original film names being of German origin, I think it’s fair to guess that Snow White’s child would also bear a German name. Secondly, I would assume a female child’s name would focus exclusively on her appearance, much like Snow White’s did, especially as the film largely portrays women as agentless pieces of beauty, which is reasonable given the time period of the story. However, Snow White has a secret resilience and strength at such a young age to withstand a harsh stepmother and death threats. In the forest it seems like she finds a temporary joy and reprieve, so I think she would name her daughter Axelle, meaning small oak/ source of light in the hopes that her daughter would also be strong like her, but gentle and kind too.
  • Harris (son of Merida)
    • Merida is a Scottish princess through and through and bears a Gaelic name. In the movie she is young and uninterested in the men of her kingdom, so I’ll assume she doesn’t mary a Scottish lad, but adventures for many years before finding the right spouse. Being a stubborn lady though, I’d like to think she’d insist on a Scottish name for her firstborn. Knowing how much she loves her brothers, I think it’d be likely that she’d name her sons after them.
  • Carter (son of Tiana)
    • Disney’s Princess and The Frog is clearly set in the early 1900s of New Orleans. As Naveen and Tiana both stay in the city so Tiana can run her restaurant, and Naveen’s name is of indeterminate origin, I think it’d be safer to make up a New Orleans name for their child. Carter G. Woodson was among the first people to record the history of African Americans, starting in 1910, so I think it would be a noble name for Tiana’s son. Like Tiana, Carter G. came from desperate circumstances, the son of two previous slaves, and managed to work his way up to higher education, despite not having continuous education, through hard work and studying.
  • Sita (daughter of Arielle)
    • Uh oh. I’m probably going to trod on a few toes with this answer, considering the #notmyariel movement going on right now. Ariel is a glorified fish with a human upper half and as such she is likely to cover immense distances and visit a variety of cultures. Maybe King Triton’s palace is somewhere in the Mid Atlantic and Ariel is a globeswimmer, popping over to the Caribbean to hang out with Sebastian, and then up to Denmark to hang out with cute Prince Eric. Ariel is a dreamer, and no box limits her. Heck she wouldn’t even let her species define her (mermaid) and was willing to switch over to a human. She even went from speaking to mute to speaking again. An adaptable and adventurous young lady like Ariel I don’t think that she’d really settle down with Eric and spend the rest of her life on land. There’s a mermaid like person in Hinduism, Suvannamaccha – Wikipedia, so Ariel would likely be welcomed if in her late 20s she made a trip to Asia and met a young man or merman. From there they could travel the world, and perhaps settle in the warm waters of India, where there are plenty of beautiful things to find as offerings are tossed into waterways often.

I was going to do more but this took me a few hours to research and write, so please enjoy!


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